The only thing you have

Life? Don’t talk to me about life.!

I am going to take a brief break from the wonder that is Woodstock.  Ok, quick update:

Woodstock Update

My coupe has passed it annual with nothing unusual found.  I nearly have it back together and will get it flown by my CFI Denny just to be sure there are no issues.  Then he is going to give me a quick check out since it has been a year since I’ve flown.  Oh, also just renewed the insurance.  Saved about $330 this year!  Came to about $835, but I have very large hull value and I know I could do better if I shopped more.  I haven’t had any energy for Woodstock this year since covid canceled all the aviation events and had most of the local airports all but totally closed.  I hope all the things I planned for this year can happen next year!  Crossing my fingers!

What you have in life

This year we saw an unprecedented theft from everyone and it seems to be ignored by everyone.  You as a human have only on real thing.  Everything else you think you have is only because of this one thing.  This thing is precious.  It cannot be acquired or replaced.  What is this special thing Spacegrrrl you might ask?  Time!

All you have in life is a finite amount of time. You can trade it for all manner of things.  Wealth, health, recreation, love, creative activities.  Everything that comes to you in life you traded for time.  And you can’t get any more once it runs out.  You can choose to use it wisely, you can waste it away.  But in general you are the one that get’s to decide what you trade it for.  But guess what, not in 2020!

2020 is one of those science fiction films where a group of people can take your life expectancy and give it to someone else.  But in reality all then can to is take it.  It won’t go to someone else.  It will just waste away!

The Great Theft of the Covid hoax!!

Spacegrrrl!!! Are you an anti science Luddite that denies the covid virus?  No I am not!  I absolutely agree there is a covid virus.  A virus that has been shown to be safe for younger people. A virus that is dangerous for older folks with existing health issues.  What is the “covid hoax” then?  Easy, it is the ludicrous idea that we had to lock down the country and cancel everything for this not particularly dangerous virus.  We could have done what Sweden did, keep the most vulnerable of us safe while the rest of us went about our lives.  Instead we locked down the country.  We ruined lives.  We destroyed our amazing economy.  We canceled all aviation.  We canceled all events, even the outdoor ones even though there is no evidence that there is risk of it being spread outdoors.  We canceled the 4th of July.  Live music is dead.  Small music venue are either gone or struggling to stay alive.  Thousands of people in the service industries lost their jobs and may never get them back.  Most people can already point to some local place they used to love that has shuttered itself for good.

Our children had some of the most important experiences stolen.  No graduations.  No proms.  No sports.  All those important socialization they should get in school are gone. Instead we have given them a substandard remote education in exchange and made them live in fear.  Those children will never get that part of their lives back.

We were told we must “flatten” the curve.  But when that happened we were told no, we need a vaccine before life can return to normal.  And then maybe life may never be the same.  We will never shake hands again.  Can someone tell me how people date now??  Where do they meet in the first place.

Can we have a Super Bowl now?  Will we ever see outdoor festivals again?  Are fly ins coming back?  Will Oshkosh happen next year?  Will the Reno Air Races be back next year?  Should I even try to put a local band together?  How?  Where could we even play?

Well, in a normal world we would decide.  We would be told the actual risks we face and then we would be allowed to make your choice.  But we largely were never given that chance to make our choice.  Some in our government took that away from us.  Often supporting their efforts to control us with claims it is for our own safety back by dubious science.  Quite often while actually doing things that killed people like forcing sick elders to nursing homes.

Remember when we were told we were going to overwhelm the hospitals.  Ooops, that never happened.  How about millions of deaths? Oh, got that wrong.

But we learned we do not live in a world where we get to decide.  We will be told what we are “safe” doing.  Walmart is safe with a mask, or sometimes no mask required.  Gyms are totally unsafe!!!  Don’t even think of going to a bar unless the bar has outdoor seating and then only at a fraction of the capacity.  Here in WA state movie theaters are deathtraps!!  Outdoor festivals will result in massive deaths!!  Sailboat races have been declared too dangerous to resume in 2020!  You can be ticketed for walking by yourself outside without a mask!  You have to wear a mask to go to your table but you can take it off once you sit down.  But you better not drink any alcoholic beverage while dining after 10:00 PM here in Seattle because I guess that is when the virus comes out!  You can go to massive protests but way to dangerous to go to vote.  Hey, good news, the lines at the DMV are shorter!

So the Crime!

The questionable by science and the law produced a lock down that resulted in the cancelling of almost all major real life events.  If you are an aviation fan you had all your fly ins that should have happened stolen. If you had vacation plans they stole them from you.  You can never give you those back.  Did you want to get married, well chances are you didn’t get the wedding you wanted.  Did you lose someone.  Well they stole the way you probably wanted to show your respects for who you lost. Did you not have a birthday party?  Too bad, so sad.  You might have lost your job.  So they are going to steal your time when you have to take to find a new one if you even can.  They took your most precious possession and you never had a voice in it.  You will never get any of that back.

If you are younger you might not realize what you have lost.  If you are older ask yourself how many of those things do you have left? In my case I realize I can’t assume how many that might be.  Did anyone tell you what your real risk was before they stole from you?

How much has the fear so many people have been made to live with taken away from their quality of life.  Can you honestly say you make the same connection to a person wearing a mask?

Chances are you have already lived through much more dangerous flues but in those cases they didn’t trick you into accepting shutting down the world for a false sense of safety.

So are you going to sit back and let strangers use bad data and lack of real science to continue to steal from you?  I know I am actively looking for ways to take my life back.  Look at Sweden.  They were smart and life there stayed mostly normal and the virus is all but gone there now.  No lock down.  No mask mandate. No vaccine required.

Don’t roll over and please don’t become part of the gang of thieves by supporting these continued thefts of our most precious resource.  Our remaining TIME!

The Punch Line

Guess what, no one knows how much time they have left!  All you have for sure is now.  Tomorrow is at best wishful thinking.  You can’t count on the future.  It is unknowable. What amazing things are already gone.  Never to be enjoyed again.  Lost to time.  Don’t let your life slip away because of a virus that has at best a .1% chance of killing you if you are of average health.  And guess what, this lock down is probably making far less healthy!

I guess I am done with this rant.  I hope to find a way to push back on a world that wants me locked in a basement.  I’ll find a way to get back to doing things.  If I am lucky maybe a few other people will come out of their basements and we can even do some of those things together!


Next post something fun, I promise


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