Flew the Coupe! – Part 14 – I finally flew the Coupe!

I finally fly Woodstock!

This will be a short post but one I have waited a long time to share!  I finally got checked out and flew my Ercoupe.  I met up with the CFI that ferried Woodstock to Seattle from Compton to get him to fly it after the annual and then to check me out in the plane.  He said Woodstock flew great and there was no reason not to fly it myself.  With myself and him with like 3/4 fuel we were near gross weight.  So here is what I found.

Woodstock is easily off the ground in less than 1000 feet.  You can rotate most any speed after 60 MPH and by 70 it wants to fly!  With a full load it easily climbed out at 80 MPH and 5oo foot a minute climb.  In level flight it scoots right alone at well over 100 MPH.  Then it comes to landing.  Everything in Woodstock seems to like 80 MPH best.  Landing is simple.  Fly it down the runway and it will settle right in.  No problem  at all.  Crosswinds also not a problem.  Set down in a crab and you won’t even notice it straighten right out!

So it finally can fly my plane! Woot.

So I found a couple of things I need to sort out.  The trim lever kept creeping to nose down and if I were to fly often with a passenger I need to get a proper intercom.  But that’s about it. 🙂

Soon I hope to shift this blog to share the aerial adventures I soon will be having!  Here is a picture of me after my first flight in Woodstock.


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2 Responses to Flew the Coupe! – Part 14 – I finally flew the Coupe!

  1. Racer says:

    You have been busy since Microsoft…back at Falcon with a vintage Erocoupe..Cool. Coupled rudder or rudder mod? Reno week and wondering if you still go. I miss it, but still remember the baccarat dealer at Silver Legacy telling me she saw my wife earlier that evening after the divorce. I only asked for 2 states in the divorce, Arizona and Nevada, and got neither. Still playing music? I do, only thing that keeps me from going totally bonkers (plus good beer). Hope things are well with you…shiny side up!

    • spacegrrrl says:

      I thought I was going to sit out Reno this year but it look like I’ll make it for Sat and Sun. The last years I’ve been volunteering but given I think the last excellent Gold race happened last year I thought I’d refocus all the effort and time Reno took to something else. I hoped this year it would be Oshkosh and some other fly ins but that didn’t work out.

      I am trying to play music more and I have a “band” on the “have to do” list for next year.

      I think I lost the battle to bonkers some time back! 🙂 “Well” could be used to describe to my condition, but I know there is always room for improvement!

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