Oh no, politics again

So I’ve been pretty open about my support for Trump.  I think he is a ways away from ideal but I think he’s the best alternative.  But that said his recent comments about the judge on his Trump University puzzled me.  I have no idea why he keeps talking about it and his insistence on the judge’s Hispanic heritage making the judge inappropriate to serve as the judge on his case because Trump has been so vocal about the “wall”.  He hasn’t gained anything with his comments and his refusal to back down.  I don’t get it, but after a while pondering how to react I do have a couple of observation.

Well, Trump shows he is a very strong willed person.  He could have caved, apologized and made a lot of complainers go away.  He also could have just settled the case but he has dug in and looks to want to see it to the end.  He certainly can be expected to be similarly resolute.  Good thing or bad thing.  Not sure I know yet.

The other thing, lets pick apart the idea that somehow the judge’s heritage would result in the judge having a bias against Trump.  So a lot of folks claim we need diversity because people with diverse backgrounds being that perspective to their work and their lives.  The argument says those different views make use a richer and stronger people.  At the core of that argument is that everyone is shaped by their background and experiences.  The “shaping” will make that person have a different set of values and viewpoints.  OK, got it.

Lets accept that as a basic truth.  But wouldn’t that then support that case that in cases like a sitting judge that those values and viewpoints could result in bias.  If we are honest with ourselves we are driven by our biases, sometime unconsciously.  So we embrace diversity because it brings in people with different values, but somehow they aren’t being affected by those very values and experiences when we don’t want them to be?

Ask yourself this.  Every lawyer has basically the same requirement to study the law.  But why can you fill a room full of lawyers and have them all disagree about something.  Easy, everyone is the product of their upbringing and heritage.  We are shaped by the way, where and how we come into the world.  Either we aren’t and there is no reason for diversity or we are and diversity makes us all unique and therefore driven but totally difference values (and prejudices).

So you can’t have it both ways.  No one would care about the opening in the Supreme court if every judge is the same.  So we agree each judge is unique. If not their heritage, major influences being raised and other aspects of their lives during their formative years make them unique, what?  Trump has gone on to say he could have a similar concern with a Muslim judge.  I have to say based on what I’ve learned about the Muslim faith, I’d be worried if they were a devote follower of the faith, but I’d say that about a number of faiths as well.

So is Trump’s judge being biased because Trump wants to build a wall?  I have no idea.  Do I know how you could create a legal system free of the personal backgrounds and biases of its judges?  Nope, not me.  Is Trump dwelling on this judge and his lawsuit making any sense to me.  Nope.  Is he still a better alternative to more Clinton.  Yup, for me double yup.

For now, on to the next shiny!  Spacegrrrl be gone!

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