Politics again

So I shared this very worth reading article on Facebook The Risk of a Trump Presidency

The article comes down to a couple of simple facts.  Overall people don’t change that much.  It then goes on to point out that we have a lot of pretty public history of both candidates to consider and that even though a lot of folks like to think Trump is a terrible person who will do terrible things once he is in office nothing in his life history makes the case he would.  In fact his history is pretty encouraging.  Looking the same way at Hillary we can immediately see things to worry about.  It is pretty clear she doesn’t hold herself to the same rules and standards we “little people” have to live by.  We can also see she has used her positions to by most people standards help build a non-profit organization that only seems to benefit her and her husband.  Donald on the other had has a solid history of philanthropic activities.  A lot of folks like to point at his Celebrity Apprentice TV show as something to hold against him.  I watched it faithfully and what I remember most is how much money they raised via that show for charity.  I did a quick Google and found:


The total raised for charities has been at least 14,172,055.18.

I think that is pretty impressive.  I know some folks are say some of the charities aren’t the best but remember the celebrities that participated picked those.  Sure Trump likely got paid for his work and a lot of attention.  But his efforts resulted in over $14 million going to some very worthy charities. That happened.

In the mean time the Clinton foundation raise over 2 billion dollars.  Much of it from unlisted or quite questionable donors.   The Clintons avoidance of any transparency goes to the question of trust.  Over time we can look at event after event where the Clintons have proven untrustworthy.

So I believe in a couple of things and I hope more folks will think the same way.  Actions speak louder than words.  People really don’t change much once the reach a certain age.  I personally no longer feel the current government serves my best interest and I would take a gamble on a change.

Put it all through that filter we get:


Trump has done a lot of charity work directly.  He mostly self funded his campaign so far.  He has shown he respects women with is actions.  They are treated equally in his businesses.  He’s raised what looks to be a pretty amazing family.  He doesn’t “filter” so I think you can trust he isn’t hiding anything.  He has done well enough in money to build an impressive fortune.  So he must be smart.

Hillary does very little directly for charity.  Regularly skirts laws and regulations.  When it has come time to support women she has done whatever made her look best.  She enabled her husbands reprehensible behavior, even attacking women he had wronged.  She has often used her gender as the reason she deserved something rather than making her case with her accomplishment.  We can see her failures in international policies.  She has helped put Iran closer to a nuclear weapon.   Lets face it,she married into her position today.  If she hadn’t married Bill we’d likely never have heard of her.

People don’t change:

Nothing Trump has done in the past scares me much no matter what he might be saying now to win this election.  In fact it is totally consistent with what he’s said and written about making and closing a deal.  He’s mostly been a winner and is showing us he can be in the race for the President.  Trump was not a supporter of the war in Iraq.  Nothing in his past actions show him to be a war monger.  Trump openly supports our veterans and has acted in their interests with effort and his own dollars.  The latest attacks are about Trump and his lack of qualification related to nuclear weapons and yet he’s been thinking about it for a long time.  I don’t believe he’s going to change much on that Trump on nuclear since 1987

Hillary has proven repeatedly to be untrustworthy, to act entitled and to hide her real actions.  She continues to refuse to be accountable.  The current email server mess shows how little she thinks the rules apply to her and how she’ll do anything to keep from being held to them.  Hillary has open supported the U.S. going to war.  Her actions show her directly putting U.S. trooper in harms way.  I can’t find any evidence that Hillary has done anything other than help put our military in harms way.  Think about some of her lies, the one about landing under gunfire in Iraq. Hillary and the sniper  There are so many more here is a partial list Hillary’s lies

I have no reason to believe Trump or Hillary will change.  If that’s true what does what we know about each of them tell us about what to expect them to be like going forward?

Changing the current government:

Trump will be a change.  We can count on that. He isn’t being backed (or run by) big banks and finance.  Its pretty clear he isn’t some sort of “party insider”.  It will be a new type of president for sure.

Hillary will be doubling down on the same decline we’ve lived for too long.  A vote for her is a vote for more of the same with a side of even worse.  She has been part of the system and problem for decades.  She is absolutely the big bank and finance candidate.  The whole  party machine is clearly pushing her on us.

Finally, in the article I mentioned Scott Adams points out folks are different when under the influence of drugs/alcohol.  Trump does not drink or do any drugs that we know of.  Hillary is always suffering from some sort of medical issue and you can count on her being constantly medicated in some form or the other.  Remember the cough and the wierd glasses and balance issues.  We also knows she drinks.  To excess?  No I don’t think we know that but still.

Final final thing.  As the article points out we are terrible about predicting the future and overall we really aren’t good at know what makes a good president.  There is another thing we like to think we know.  Its crazy to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  I great future blog should be to debate that idea, but for now, lets accept it.  Hillary is without a doubt the same thing.  Trump without a doubt is not the same thing.

OK final final final thing.  Folks I know that think there is a third party choice that’s some sort of magic unicorn to save it all need to wake up and realize there is no third party magic bullet now.  Even if the love child of Lincoln, Reagan, JFK,  FDR and John Galt announced today you couldn’t get them on all the state ballots.  They’d be so far behind in the race at this stage there isn’t a chance they’d get enough folks to support them before November all they would be is enough of a distraction to give it all to Hillary as enough of the press an the folks already bought into the system would support her she’d walk away with it.  You might say your taking a stand and making a point.  Anyone remember what Perot stood for?  Not likely.

Well, time for this one to go home!  Spacegrrrl out!



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2 Responses to Politics again

  1. If you found nothing terrible in Trump’s past, you obviously weren’t looking very hard. I’m not saying Hillary’s squeaky clean, but we have to evaluate candidates all by themselves as to whether or not they are worthy of our votes. Trump’s been sued by the DOJ for refusing housing to blacks and Puerto Ricans in NYC. He lost. In fact he’s been sued by the feds 169 times, usually for illegal business practices, including doing business with mob-controlled building supply companies and hiring illegal immigrant labor. Those scammed out of thousands of dollars by his fake “university” are currently pursuing major, class-action fraud cases in two states. The man basically can’t stay out of court: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/06/01/donald-trump-lawsuits-legal-battles/84995854/

    Trump says he never supported the war in Iraq, but there’s no proof of that being true, no video, no writings, and no one who knew him backs that story. His first documented objection is a tepid statement given on the Howard Stern show in 2003. As to his support for vets, he had to be shamed into finally writing that million dollar check he said he already had by a WaPo reporter:

    Of course if your headline picture of the underside of the Space Needle indicates where you live, it doesn’t matter what either of us thinks, or how we will vote. WA is the bluest of blue states, and will be giving its Electoral College votes to the Democratic nominee, whether that’s Clinton or Sanders.

  2. spacegrrrl says:

    We will have to disagree. I have no idea how you’d build anything in N.Y. without brushing up against the mob. Being sued by the federal government is not anything I’d say is always a bad thing. Anything he has done pales to what Hillary has done. Trump University, welcome to the mess that is the world of “success seminars”. That certainly was a small piece of everything he’s been involved with. A lot of his success has been by selling his brand. That was more of him letting his brand be used in a misguided fashion. He certainly had very little to do with the content or practice of that venture. And lets see how it plays out in court. You can pretend he paid that check out of shame and ignore the fact he paid it. But in the end the veterans got the money. Not seeing a lot of million dollar checks from Hillary. Well you know her and Bill left the White House broke! 🙂 We certainly can’t see a lot of anti-war sentiment in Trump’s past? OK, what we CAN see is plenty of real support for war from Hillary. And we know Hillary contributed to real American deaths. As to the suit regarding the housing discrimination, he basically inherited it from his father and did not lose, he agreed to alter his practices. From this its clear he is a tough negotiator and in the end showed the kind of person we want running the country.

    “The decree makes clear the Trumps did not view the agreement as a surrender, saying the settlement was “in no way an admission” of a violation.”


    I could care less about the “color” of my state. As to the results in November it won’t come down to WA’s blueness and if you look at polls and trends Trump is going the right way and Hillary the wrong direction. Bernie is out of the picture because of the Democrat party shenanigans. There is not a clear winner yet and lot ahead before there is,

    Thanks for reading and responding it even if I don’t agree with your feedback

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