And the blogging continues

So I haven’t blogged for a while.  But now it seems there is plenty to ponder, muse, examine and share.  We have created those “interesting times”!  Today as I slowly stretch those blogging muscles I’m going to take on an easy topic.  Our waki-doodle presidential election.  What a great time to be alive to see this unfold.

So I’ve share some of my thoughts of the experience of trying to become involved on the process.  I managed to get elected a Republican PCO, attended the state convention during the last presidential election and was left bitter, saddened and a few days closer to death wasting days I’ll never get back on the “process” for very little gain.  Don’t get me wrong many did far more and got way less in return.  I saw the sausage being made and there were far too many raccoon parts and hooved beast entrails for my liking.  The oldtimey insider forces were too in control to let any “crazy” outsiders support someone like Ron Paul and found every dirty trick in the book to marginalize a whole wave of new republican enthusiasm.  So we end up with the most generic and un-electable candidate ever and gave Obama a victory lap.

So how did that work out for America.  Not so good if you were to ask me.  We got further erosions of civil rights, an economy that at a glance looks to be improving but from many folks perspective is deceptive.  I know that while I’ve managed to stay mostly employed and I have what looks to be a reasonable salary  my job is hardly secure and my real “wealth” is hardly what I’d expect.  I am most definitely not as well off as I was a  decade ago or even further.  Any chance of retirement seems to be based on the odds of winning a lottery and I’ve all but given up on a lot of the dreams I thought I’d be living by now.  From what I see among my friends people are working far harder. getting nowhere and living in a sense of constant peril.  Too many of us are just hanging on and getting by.

We are facing more real military challenges and terrorism has made us immediately assume if anything goes wrong there must be terrorism behind it.  Our current administration’s solution, make you miss your flights by subjecting you to record long “security” screens to make sure seniors aren’t trying to bring bombs on planes in their shoes or underwear (do you realize most countries gave up on those sorts of checks long back).  We make sure you can’t travel in any sort of convenient fashion.  Do you know what the goal of terrorism is?  It is to scare you into irrational actions that are to your detriment.  Guess what, they are winning.  A simple trip flying somewhere shows you how they are.  Actually I think you can make the case most of our fear is coming from the government that is in place to protect us.  So ask yourself, aren’t they terrorists as well?  Please don’t try an convince me the TSA is about keeping us safe.  It is about keeping us scared and the very government that has gone so horribly wrong in power.

So here we are and what can we do?  We’ve been given some choices that could change the game.  I’ll share my thoughts and welcome feedback about what everyone else thinks.

When Donald Trump first ran I actually thought there was a pretty good chance he could win.  He faced a lot of pretty questionable opponents.  Lets look at a few of them:

Jeb Bush – I think its pretty clear by now America is not interested in any more Bushs and in particular  a guy I think was always the least interesting of the bunch.  He was a “more of the same” candidate and folks are tired of the “same ol”.  He was a vote for the last bad clown car we suffered through before Obama figure out how to cram even more clowns into an even smaller on the outside car.  Please note that the Obama clown car is like the Tardis on Dr. Who.  It is WAY BIGGER inside than he would have you believe.

Rubio – He really came across too prepared and polished.  He always felt to me like he just wanted it too much and felt the way to get it was overly crafted “sound bite” kinds of responses.  I would not look forward to hearing from him regularly.  I think he’s a smart guy but he just isn’t a place yet where I would support him.  He never made me think he could think on his feet.

Carly – Please!  I worked for Comapq in Houston for a while.  There I learned to speak Texan (:-) ) and really loved the company.  I can’t begin to describe how sad I was to see Compaq scooped up by HP, largely stripped of what made it once a great place to work and then see Carly come in and kill it all with her greedy insane management.  I saw her kill a great company for her own personal gain.  Her business accomplishments were a giant warning to anyone looking.  One word, FAIL.  She was angry in all the wrong ways, seemed to demonstrate a sense of entitlement.  Then her nut ball comments about the Planned Parenthood scandal.  Her running the country?  Never!

Cruz – A very smart guy and someone I think would be a great Supreme Court justice.  But he is just not likable.  I can’t say why for sure but no one would willingly follow him.  I also think he proved to be one of the dirtiest dealing candidates in the race.  I had friends that liked him but I could never support him.  His whole thing in the end came down to a plan to play shenanigans at the convention and subvert the popular vote.  Working the system, sure, but no way to win the people.  If you never saw this its a hoot! Bad Lip Reading – Ted Cruz

Ben – I never felt like he really wanted it.  And it seemed like there were a steady stream of things he said that just didn’t add up.  Do we really think he was a knife wielding hoodlum at 14?  I have a hard time imagining that.  When asked for details to back the story he never would provide any additional info.  Couldn’t trust him.  Again, he would not make anyone excited about being an American if he’d won.

Christy – He would make an awesome AG but again, he never showed he could be a thought leader.  Also, come on, we know he had a hand in the whole bridge scandal. 🙂

Kasich – Seemed like a reasonable choice but decided to not go “negative” so by the time he joined the fight he was marginalized.  In the end his totally disconnect from the reality of his chances and last minute Cruz dealings made it clear that ignoring him was the right choice.

Before I get to Donald I want to share what I loved about Reagan.  I remember it feeling like America had become a place to be embarrassed to be part of.  Carter, although I think a very smart person who inherited a broken economy never came across as a strong leader.   Then Reagan came along and suddenly it was awesome to be an American again.  We really felt like he was leading up back to the top country in the world.  Win the cold war, of course!  Get government under control and out of our lives, Yes!  And when he addressed the nation he spoke like one of us.  Was he inclined to say things not so true, yup.  Did it matter, not so much.  Also he did a lot of things that he did because he thought they were right even if he wasn’t going to take credit for them in a self serving manner.  He did far more to bring about nuclear disarmament then most folks realize.  So here we are with Trump.

Trump struck a nerve.  We do want to make America great again!  (maybe it always has been).  This is the sort of sentiment we need to re-energize the country.  We’ve been living the steady decline for too long.  Trump knows how to persuade.  He can lead (where he leads is a topic for another blog!).  We need a strong leader again.  The fact that he isn’t part of the system that has let us down is what most Americans are hoping for.  Folks also like the lack of a filter.  What a refreshing change.  I think now that he can focus on Hillary he will sort out his support with his more challenging demographics and further erode the mistrust of Hilary.  I just wish we could do a season of “The Apprentice” to pick his V.P.!  I pick Gary Busey!  OK, maybe Penn Jillette. 🙂

Scott Adams has written some great stuff about how Trump could win this in a landslide Scott Adam’s blog

So on the other side.  For whatever reason Biden did not run.  If he had we’d be looking at a very different race.  Even though I’m a Republican (whatever that means these days) I’d have considered voting for him.  We should have elected him instead of the social experiment that was Obama.  OK, group hug aren’t we special for putting him in office, just look how he’s change the worlds views of races.  Oh, wait, that’s right, he’s made it worse not to mention broken almost every promise he made while running and made any accountability for the banking and financial firms shenanigans that nearly destroyed us off the table, but “Hope”, which in the end turned into I “hope” we survive this!   But we have Hillary and Bernie.  At least Bernie isn’t in the pocket of the banks and financial firms like Hillary is.  So we could choose between corrupt or crazy!  Tell me there is a different choice!

I’ll start with Bernie.  Sadly millennials have drunk the koolaid.  I’d agree that they have been left with a pretty crummy situation.  College was once affordable and you could exit expecting a decent career waiting for you if you didn’t make a dumb decision as to where to go and what to study.  (suggestion, consider a trade!  Google Mike Rowe and learn a little about trade as an alternative to college) So Bernie’s socialist message really appeals to that generation.  To us older generations we see the folly of socialism.  We’ve seen it repeatedly fail and don’t have to look hard to see current examples of why it can’t work.  Hint, someone has to pay for everything and in the end it will be everyone that feels that pain.  I wish we could make wealth out of thin air but the universe doesn’t work like that.  Tax the rich you say, well those are the folks that make the jobs and get things built.  Make the world a place that isn’t fair to them and they will opt out.  Soon any hope of that “good paying” job out of your “free” college education will evaporate.  (I have no idea how we went from kids anxious to leave home and make it on their own to kids thinking its OK to live at home into their 30’s and grow up with a ridiculous sense of entitlement. )

I love seeing Bernie shake up the system and he has forced us to have some important conversations but the America he proposes would be a horrible place in a short time.  I remember shortly out of college being happy I got a home loan at 12.5% and friends ending up with 20% rates.  Try and find a home today you can afford today if you have to take out a 20% loan.  Vote for Bernie and get a chance to live that fantasia!

So we are left with Hillary.  Why should I even have to mention her.  She has proven to be the most corrupt candidate ever.  Why the Democrats rigged the system to hand her the nomination is insane to me.  She has shown with the email scandal that she feels she is a special snow flake and rules are for little people, not the Clintons.  She is the most “more of the same” candidate in the running.  Do we really and another 8 years of the same thing?  (or even worse) She is the only remaining candidate that can be shown to ACTUALLY have damaged America (and gotten Americans killed) with her foreign policy actions.

Worried about what Trump might do?  How about what Hillary HAS done.  Here is a practical example.  Today we learned that Trump raised nearly 6 million dollars for America’s veterans with 100% of it going to the veterans. (not to mention a million out of his own pocket) How much has Hillary raised for our veterans.  Hint, zero.  And of course we then have the whole Clinton foundation which looks primarily to exist to benefit the Clintons.  No one is singing the praises of Hillary’s philanthropic activities!  Then there is her as the “woman’s” candidate.  Look at how she has treated women that were victims of her husband’s immoral behavior.  The term is enabler. She also seems to be running primarily on her gender, not her accomplishments.  That is hardly equal treatment.  One also just has to look at her treatment in the email scandal.  Someone is clearly holding back any actions against her.  Look at how other people have been treated for far lesser actions.  Again, she is a connected insider that is never held accountable for her actions.  Is that who we want as our next president?  Not me.  I say much like I said we’ve had enough Bushs I also think we have all the Clinton we need.

So its going to be Trump or Hillary.  Easy choice for me.  Trump may end up being the shake up the system needs.  I do think it needs something drastic.  Hillary is a choice to go back to the slow decline of America we’ve been stuck in for more than a decade.  Why would anyone want that?  Some folks are still babbling about magic unicorn alternatives swooping to save us.  All that would end up doing is handing to Hillary.

One final thought, what we really get out of a president is they set the tone for the country.  Trump will not be able to do a lot of the things that scare folks about him but he would make us start thinking America first.  For me I’d very much welcome that change!  I say start there, tear down some of the cronyism that led us here and we can see where that leads.

Not my best blog but its a start back to the habit of putting thoughts to (virtual) paper.



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