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Guns Guns Guns!!

So I’m trying to take a break from Presidential politics but with recent events and have been deluged with a fire hose of gun nonsense I feel compelled blog about guns.  Today I want to talk about the guns themselves. … Continue reading

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Hello, I’ve come for an argument!

So I haven’t been shy about sharing my opinions about the current political situation we find ourselves in here in the good old USA.  I’m not going to talk about any of that today.  But I am going to talk … Continue reading

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What we dream of being in life

So yesterday I rambled about things I have observed about my challenges in getting things that matter to me done.  I was going to share some more about our life, our goals and how other folks seem to get to … Continue reading

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Get er’ done!

I can look back in my life and I realize in many ways what I’ve really mastered was how to never quite get things done.  I certainly have things I’ve constantly been interested in and occasionally it seems like I … Continue reading

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Oh no, politics again

So I’ve been pretty open about my support for Trump.  I think he is a ways away from ideal but I think he’s the best alternative.  But that said his recent comments about the judge on his Trump University puzzled … Continue reading

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Time to explode your head

So Elon Musk recently said he believed we are living in some sort of giant simulation like a computer game.  His case is basically look how far computer games have come in just 40 years.  From Pong to life like … Continue reading

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Politics again

So I shared this very worth reading article on Facebook The Risk of a Trump Presidency The article comes down to a couple of simple facts.  Overall people don’t change that much.  It then goes on to point out that we … Continue reading

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The path we travel

So today as I slowly rebuild my blogging muscle I’m going to muse a bit about some personal and big picture things.  A little over a year ago I found myself in yet another unwanted career/life dilemma.  I’d been working … Continue reading

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And the blogging continues

So I haven’t blogged for a while.  But now it seems there is plenty to ponder, muse, examine and share.  We have created those “interesting times”!  Today as I slowly stretch those blogging muscles I’m going to take on an … Continue reading

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