And madness continues..

I was going to start back blogging after attending the King County Republican Organizational meeting and I will blog about this soon, but recent events require me to start back and point out I said we were going to be seeing more of these horrible tragedies like we saw at the Colorado movie theater shooting.  We now have a seemingly normal person lose it, steal a rifle and shoot random people in a busy mall and now it appears there has been another mass shooting at an elementary school.  At this time it seem like there are few details other than nearly 20 victims so far.

We have to step back and ask why?  I believe and I stated before that we are facing a constant stream of these events.  I think society is creating stresses that cause people to “break” and strike out irrationally.  It is the constant media bombardment of images that portray lives of “normal people” that are pure fiction. TV shows and movies promise ideal lives that no person has ever lived.  No one lives in an apartment with cool random friends going though life where every challenges is resolved with humor in 30 minutes.  Ads promise happiness from association with their products that are a lie, drink a Heineken and suddenly you are whisked to a secret party where you meet Jame Bond.  Drink the right beverage, drive the car and you are “cool”.

Life is hard, many challenges will never be overcome, we don’t all have an awesome family, friends, jobs, home and for us the world can seem to stacked against us.  But we live in a world where it seems everyone is rich, famous, surrounded by awesome folks living in wonderful settings.  The sirens sing to us that this is what our life should be and if it isn’t then WE are a failures.

We need collectively as a society recognize and reach out to those of us that feel marginalized, failures because they have been lead to believe everyone else somehow has it better.  To help keep people engaged in a community,  To reinforce a sense of self worth, of belonging to something, only when everyone of us can feel that connection and regain a realistic view of what life is really like will we put this terrible acts resulting from people that finally reach a point where they see everyone a worthy of harm, where the point of irrational thought leads to a final extreme act of violence, some last cry of pain, that convinces someone that they would be better off, that the world deserves the death of strangers and a bloody and violent end to their own life.

These are the acts of “normal” people driven to a terrible place by those that lie to us with false promises of a life that never can be obtained, the constant lies and corruption of our leaders and celebrities that make it clear “we” live in a much different world than “they” do and  we are powerless to change that working within the rule “they” control.

I want to make the point this isn’t a “gun” problem.  We live in a world where there are an unlimited list of ways to act out violent that don’t involve guns.  In fact a few armed guards or even trained and prepared individuals could have reduced the damage  these individuals could inflict dramatically.

This is a societal issue..

Most of us recognize the false promises that surround us, learn to cope with the occasional isolation  to live with the inequities of class. But all of us have a tipping point and I believe that increasing volume of the lies, false promises and abuse of power will make these tragedies  a more common part of our future and at some point this will no longer be the act of a single person pushed over the brink but groups that collectively reach a point were they come to believe violence is their only recourse.  At that point the magnitude and horror we can expect has no limit.

I fear that day is coming….

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