V.P. Wanna Be Code Name Should Be “Fire Pants”

As in “liar liar pants on fire”.  Ryan seems to have a problem with telling the truth.  For me this is a deal breaker.  I can put up with a lot of differences in opinions about what is good or bad for the country from someone I can trust.  However if I can’t believe a word they say I can’t believe they really stand for anything.

Ryan chooses to lie about his best marathon time.  Why!!!!  How much difference could it make to whether he gets elected.  Well, if he lies about it, maybe a lot!

This latest fib makes no sense at all.  It was easy to show he lied and it didn’t gain him anything in the end.  It is the sort of lie that makes me think he constant lies about random things to make himself look better than he is.  It just confirms all the lies he told so far weren’t innocent mistakes, this man is a chronic spinner of tall tales makes this guy look like George Washington.

So thanks for Ryan Mitt, I guess having a chronic liar will make defending your lack of real useful business experience easy because your V.P. certainly won’t hesitate to say whatever nonsense you come up with no matter how untrue.

On an actually more important note, I wanted to say we lost a great actor, Michael Clarke Duncan and I for one will miss him.  Last night I watched Armageddon as a tribute, his first film.  He was not only a unique and talented man, but seemed to posses a truly gentle and giving soul.  Michael, I never got to meet you but you definitely touched me.  Blue skies.

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