And the RNC ends with “Get Off My Lawn!”

In just 11 minutes the horrible state of the Republican party was finally clear.  The party is mostly run by old cranks!  I love Clint Eastwood (I think I have 15 of his movies in my DVD collection) but Clint showed us exactly why the RNC is in such a horrible state of disconnect with reality.

What we learned from Clint is that Clint is disappointed with the Pres.  The “Yes we can!” never happened and the promises that Obama made to us all that got a significant number of voters to cross party lines were never delivered.  For me, for example, the promise to roll back the infringement of our personal liberties by rolling back the patriot act, allowing full investigation in the misdeeds of the Cheney/Bush tag team of illegal practices the lied us into illegal wars were just some of the things that got him my vote and I feel lied to when he never delivered.  Clint clearly feels like I do that Obama never delivered his promise.

But what we also learned is Clint is supporting Mitt because he feels let down by the Pres, not because he has a single clue about the asshat that Mitt is.  Lets look at some of Clint’s ramble.

1. Afghanistan – Clint hates that Obama still has us there. I hate that too but, Is there any indication Mitt would get us out?? Nope, in fact Mitt wants to increase the military budget by 33%.  Also the Pale Rider ignores the Pres has gotten us out of Iraq and that Mitt has made it clear he intends to get us involved in even more questionable conflicts.  Hygienically Challenged Harry is mad at the Pres but has not a clue about what the man he is there to help get elected will do if elected about this very serious matter.

2. Gitmo – What make Clint think Mitt would do anything different than the Pres.

3. It is clear that Clint is motivated to attack the Pres because he feels the Pres broke his promises.  Again, how can Clint think Mitt won’t be worse with Mitt’s history of flip flopping more than an Olympic gymnast?

4. Business man – Clint should realize the Clyde, the ape he co-stared with has about as much relevant business experience as Mitt.  Mitt can make money.  And he does that by tearing things down and selling them off.  So if you want someone that could take a chunk out of the national debt by selling Texas to China Mitt might be the guy.  If you need someone to revitalize the economy and boost the middle class I’d prefer Clyde.  (sadly, in looking for the link I see that Clyde is no longer with us, so I put up this ape, Natasha instead)  Besides, what evidence is there that a business background is what we need in a President now?  If you look at one of the best presidents in recent history in terms of economy and deficit reduction, Bill Clinton his approach couldn’t be further from the few ideas Mitt has offered.  By the way, Clint said he didn’t think a lawyer was a good fit for president but Clinton was a lawyer and but most accounts did a pretty decent job.

5. Clint seemed to feel Obama is hurting the environment by flying in Airforce One. There is nothing in Mitt’s history that indicates he would be good for the environment.  In fact a lot of folks feel the Pres has done well for the planet given the political and economic challenges he faced.  Mitt seems to want to double down on an energy policy that would be based on the same types of energy that seems to be making such a mess for us now.

6. Clint feels we should fire Obama for failing at the job.  Hmmm, well then how could he support a ticket with a sell out failure V.P. choice.  Or how about firing a candidate that despite running against a president with a record low approval can only tie him in the polls,  That seems like failing to do the job to me.  Good news here Clint, we can fire Mitt in the polls later this year.

7. Clint’s most insightful line was “We don’t have to vote for someone we don’t want”.  So Mitt, why are you asking all the Republicans that don’t like Mitt (almost all the Paul and Santorum folks for example) to vote for someone we don’t want.

So in summary, I think we saw why the party is so screwed up today.  It is run by old cranks, angry at Obama or even that he won last time.  As a result they don’t care enough to learn who their candidate is (still seems impossible to know given how much the Mitt keeps secret).

So RNC = Old Cranks Who Will Vote for Anyone Because They Hate Obama.

Good news for the future of the party is that those kids playing on the lawn want to know who their candidates really are and would never back a weasel like Mitt or a sell out liar like Ryan.

So no worries gramps, we’ll get off the lawn this election but don’t be surprised when sometime in the near future we are asking you to get off our lawn!

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