RNC – Ready, Shoot!, Aim!!!

The RNC has shown how the old guard’s fear of losing control will doom them to fail to gain the president’s seat this year.  After the horrible mistreatment and shenanigans in the 2008 election to suppress Ron Paul‘s campaign the 2012 elections say a huge insurgence of new RNC members that sought to make sure the republicans return to their core values (See Barry Goldwater!).

These new members brought a level of energy and conviction to the party that hasn’t been seen for decades.  And this time these new members played by the rules and had fantastic successes.  As a reward for their efforts they were shown just how corrupt the RNC has become.  When the parties own rules produced results that threatened the old guard party power base the party choose to just ignore their own rules and ignore these new upstarts.  State after state saw caucuses end in shenanigans to rig the results or when the results were not favorable to the insiders the results were just arbitrarily changed.

Still, Paul supporters hoped for a miracle.  If not a surprising upset, at least a reasonable acknowledgement that the candidate they supported deserved a voice at the table.  The RNC had to let Paul have his day at the convention, I mean how could he not be given at least a chance to speak, to have his delegates get a chance to vote for his nomination?  The answer is mean spirited egos ruled the day and sealed the fate of Romney’s chance at being elected.  The RNC decided to cut of the nose that is Ron Paul to spite the face of new members of the party.  They jumped to rash acts without a moment of thought to the results long term.

Let’s talk about the results.  The old school power brokers of the party think they know how things work.  They know that till now they bark and the party does they they say.  If the party had decided to run Scrooge McDuck everyone would blindly say “he’s the duck for the job”.  They till now were never expected to think about the person rammed down their throat, they were told to embrace and parrot whatever election drivel the party feeds them and to have some more glasses of koolaide.  However, the new comers to the party are not wired that way.

What we have now is the most energetic part of the RNC trying to recover from the beating they have taken.  Reacting to a candidate they don’t trust, who doesn’t support the values that energized them and who picked a V.P. that violates all the values he claims to embrace.  These new RNC members see through the lies.  They will not campaign for Romney.  They will likely not vote for Romney.  Here is what they will do.

They will continue to work within the party rules with this goal, kick out the old school clowns that have made the RNC the joke it has become.  It may take time but these enthusiastic fans of freedom and liberty have proven they can organize, they can learn how to work the party with its own rules and they are committed to consistent values and ideals.  They have to strength and resolve to save the RNC.

So RNC leadership, instead of welcoming these new comers with open arms, acknowledging their efforts, the energy they bring to the party and making them feel they have a place at the table, which could have been done at the convention without any risk of the final nomination, you have drawn a line in the sand, and guess what you are all old and your days are numbered.   You blew this election with your decision to put these Paul folks “in their place“.  You will end up with what you seem so afraid of as a result.  Mitt will lose to one of the least popular presidents in recent history because you can’t see outside your little fantasy bubble where you think America is ready to role back civil and women’s rights, where America will elect a liar who has put his own interested in front of America to make himself wealthy while tearing down what other people build.  Who will escalate defense spending when there is no clear threat and we face record deficits.  Who will lead us into even more illegal wars.  Who has no idea how to relate to most of the people in America.

RNC, we had a variety of candidates in the beginning but in the end, your own corruption and inability to see that you have long since left the real world and have become trapped in your own “Matrix” like virtual reality where the biggest threats that face America today are gay marriage and women’s freedom to choose while ignoring the continued loss of our personal freedoms and the trillions spent on illegal wars that only reduce our safety give is Mitt,without a doubt the worst choice of that initial slate.  Let’s see how that works for you!

And if anyone doubts Mitt has poor judgement all you have to do is consider this.  Mitt could have changed how the convention played out.  He could have insisted that the other candidates including Paul all were recognized and embrace everyone that was active on behalf of the party in their support for republican candidates.  If you had done that I might believe you understand how to create those bridges that can bring folks with differing views together for a common cause.  Mitt, your silence and inaction tell me you believe that you can say “F… off, your guy lost so shut the hell up and get out and campaign for me!”

Mitt, I’ll have to get back to you about that….

So the convention was way less interesting but far more telling than I expected.  Obama has his work cut out for himself but I think we can expect the debates to make the outcome pretty clear.  Four more years of disappointment compared to potentially 8 new years of lying, corruption, wars and returning America back to the 50’s.  Maybe Mitt could run on getting some laws passed to bring back tail fins on cars, the was one part of the 50’s I think I miss.

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