Romney/Ryan is not Galt/Rearden!!

So I’m a fan of Ayn Rand.  And as one I find it offensive that our current Republican Wonder Kids candidates seem to be associated with Rand.  They are exactly what Rand warned about.  Lets look at Atlas Shrugged, the heroes were the characters fighting against the system by actually producing things or ideas of value and a system that sought to leach of the results of that labor.  Lets look at the Duo of Conservative Fail one at a time.

Romney has never produced a thing.  He in fact made his wealth in the most un-Rand manner possible.  He has torn down the work of others and used baseless financial systems to become “wealthy”.  There is no awesome Romney built industry or invention.  All we have is him sucking on the corpses of others work for the false wealth of a currency that no longer is tied to any real value.  Remember in New Colorado you had to use gold as currency (sound like something another Republican might support?)  So Romney is James Taggart, a man whose opinion changes constantly in the wind of outside forces and live in wealth on the backs of the work of others.

Ryan has also never produced a thing himself.  He was a politician from the start.  The idea of a political career is about as anti-Rand as you could get.  Politicians produce no value and live off the products of others.  Add this with Ryan’s belief that the government has the right to enforce the governments morality on individuals is also not even close the Rand’s belief.  Finally add Ryan’s religious convictions and it becomes clear that Ryan doesn’t have any alignment with Rand’s beliefs.  He is Wesley Mouch, a life time politician that votes against his own convictions if it furthers his own interests.

We had one candidate this election that could truly demonstrate a lifetime conviction to the values and ideas expressed by Ayn Rand, and guess what, it wasn’t the presumptive Duo of Doom we appear to be nominating soon.

So Romney/Ryan, lay off the claims of support for the beliefs of Ayn Rand, because you are the very sort of people she cast as the villains in all her works.  You are not Galt/Rearden, you are James Taggart/Wesley Mouch.  You will never be invited to New Colorado!

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2 Responses to Romney/Ryan is not Galt/Rearden!!

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  2. Amedar says:

    You are a very clever individual!

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