Nuclear Iran, lets try win/win, not lose/lose

I find myself constantly distressed that we hear so much nonsense about Iran going nuclear.  Suggesting that we are on the brink of nuclear war and that Israel or the U.S. will need any day not to bomb the daylights out of Iran to save us all from the crazy plans and terrorist nature.  Let’s break that all down and then I’ll offer a suggestion that makes this all resolve in a logical fashion

1. Iran has the right to develop nuclear technology including weapons.  Despite your opinion about Iran where do the other countries like Israel get the right to say, well, we have this technology but we think you are too crazy to have it to.

2. That said, I don’t think it helps Iran in any way to have a bomb because it increases the chance dramatically they they will be on the receiving end of some very nasty attacks themselves.  The risk to them far outweighs any benefit.

3. As for the other nuclear technologies all nations are looking for better solutions to solve their power needs and Iran has every right to choose to put nuclear energy in their energy plans.

4. Both Israel and Iran need to resolve themselves to the reality neither is going away no matter how much either side dislikes the other.

5. The U.S. especially has no right in this fight.  We have manipulated Iran for far to long and have direct responsibility for what Iran has become.  Bombing them or continuing to develop other methods of interfering with them like virus to disrupt their infrastructure only make it worse.

6. Iran in its current form will only get WORSE if it is attacked.  They are lead by folks with a martyr mentality and it would make them even stronger in their resolve to eliminate Israel.  Attacking Iran will only reinforce the control the leadership has over the population.  The only stick that will work is an olive branch.

So now, how to fix it.  Iran says they are developing peaceful nuclear technologies to provide them energy technologies.  We need to accept their word as the truth and this is key, HELP THEM REACH THAT GOAL AS THEIR PARTNER!  No I am not crazy, I am serious.  But here is the sneaky part of my plan, with a DIFFERENT nuclear technology!

For years folks all over the world including here in the U.S. have been working on nuclear energy sources that cannot be weaponized.  Thorium can be used as a nuclear energy source and cannot be used to create weapons like the other currently common nuclear reactor materials can.  I suggest we partner with Iran and develop this technology together.  We both benefit in that we finally introduce a much safer and less ecologically damaging energy source that has the potential to also be much cheaper to the world.  We also remove the threat of Iran developing a bomb.  Win/win!!

This also puts Iran in the position that they embrace our offer and honestly pursue this new technology with us since their official story is that they want “energy” not weapons or we can start a very different conversation about their true intentions.  This puts the world in a much less morally ambiguous state about any any actions other countries might pursue to keep Iran from joining the mess that is nuclear weapons.

So the carrot is Thorium and the stick is an olive branch.  Why is this not our position on Iran and nuclear technologies??  Seems pretty simple to me!!

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