The Best and the Worst again this weekend

So this weekend was another reminder of how wonderful we all can be and how absolutely horrible we can be.

The wonderful!!

Mars!!  This success shows what can be accomplished when the smartest of us come together with a desire to learn more about the space we live in and challenge themselves to do the impossible!  The picture of the module under the parachute is the stuff of dreams!  Awesome!

And the horrible…..

Yet another nutter has committed and act of evil on innocent people.  This time out of misguided hate and a crazy idea that America is only meant for “white” folks.  Of course I expect the peoples the predated the European settlers could make a good case for how wrong that is.  Sad part is this, while our government spends billions overseas fighting illegal wars and killing to “protect” us from terrorism the real dangers are growing right here in our own back yards.  Removing your shoes and being patted down at the airport, having to provide personal information in advance of flying and being put in a constant state of fear about evil terrorist trying to sneak into our country to kill us is our government using fear to control us.  They want us focused “out there” while they ignore the growing dysfunction of the “rightwise born” American citizens.  Look at the major incidents in the last few years and they weren’t from crazy terrorists living in caves in Afghanistan, they were people born here that performed these crazy acts.

We need to stop looking for evil “out there” and look right here, for the folks being driven to these terrible acts from zero sum game systems the determine their futures like universities and corporations, to a society that sells the idea that life is somehow better for everyone else with media and entertainment sold as “reality”.  For the folks that openly celebrate hate against someone just because they seem different.  We need to stop tolerating the things in our world today that lead to these acts of evil, and we don’t need troops in some other country or predator drones to bridge some gaps, we can push back against the hate and stop these pointless acts of evil.

Let’s stop spending time hating someone because you think they have it “better”, aren’t entitled to be here because they are “different” and think about the wonderful things we can all accomplish when we work together and bridge the gaps.  This weekend we saw that working together can make anything happen.

Who knows what the folks we lost this weekend from misguided hate might have accomplished if they had been approached with an open hand of cooperation instead of the closed fist of hate.  Everyone we lose in these acts of evil reduces our potential to achieve great things, diminishes our richness as a society and makes us smaller as a people.

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