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RNC – Ready, Shoot!, Aim!!!

The RNC has shown how the old guard’s fear of losing control will doom them to fail to gain the president’s seat this year.  After the horrible mistreatment and shenanigans in the 2008 election to suppress Ron Paul‘s campaign the 2012 elections … Continue reading

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Romney/Ryan is not Galt/Rearden!!

Romney/Ryan is not Galt/Rearden!!.

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Romney/Ryan is not Galt/Rearden!!

So I’m a fan of Ayn Rand.  And as one I find it offensive that our current Republican Wonder Kids candidates seem to be associated with Rand.  They are exactly what Rand warned about.  Lets look at Atlas Shrugged, the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Iran, lets try win/win, not lose/lose

I find myself constantly distressed that we hear so much nonsense about Iran going nuclear.  Suggesting that we are on the brink of nuclear war and that Israel or the U.S. will need any day not to bomb the daylights … Continue reading

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Now for something different, local bands!

So most folks that know me know me know a couple of things right away.  I have opinions I am not afraid to share and I seem to especially have opinions about music.  I am an unabashed wanna-be musician myself. … Continue reading

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The Best and the Worst again this weekend

So this weekend was another reminder of how wonderful we all can be and how absolutely horrible we can be. The wonderful!! Mars!!  This success shows what can be accomplished when the smartest of us come together with a desire … Continue reading

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