For the Republican Party Rules are Great, Except When They Aren’t! (and other thoughts)

So today we see that the Republican Party panicked at the idea that their own caucus process and the rules in place to select the Republican presidential candidate actually did what they were supposed to in some cases, which is to allow the people to organize at the caucuses and get the candidate they want in the final selection process at the national convention.

Ron Paul supporters, largely comprised of younger voters and other conservative leaning folks organized in a manner never seen before and worked within the system to get a candidate that they (and I) felt would bring some sanity back to our federal government.  As a result they worked in the caucus system and had some real successes.  Now the party starts shenanigans to expel those citizens, who exercised their right to choose their representation and worked in the system, complying with the party’s own rules to go to the national convention and support their candidate because the candidate chosen isn’t a party insider, corrupt and controllable, like those that the party has provided us so many times in the past.

So in Maine, Louisiana and Massachusetts delegates that won fair and square are being told that have been replaced by other folks, often that are hand picked by the insider power brokers of the party.  A simple recap can be found here.

So way to embrace the many first time Republicans that got politically aware and involved after supporting a candidate that believes in the constitution is how we run the federal government, that understand economics and sees how our fiscal policies have robbed us of our prosperity and hope of a better future, how civil liberties must be protected, that wars are bad for everyone, that is a DOCTOR who sees health care from inside the mess, that served in the armed forces during wartime and had a history of being 100% consistent in his policies.  That would have finally changed the joke that the federal government has become.

I don’t agree 100% with Ron Paul, for example I think there is more value in space exploration than he believes.  I’d like him to come out stronger in his stated beliefs that even though he is pro life that he also doesn’t believe the federal government is empowered to enforce his personal beliefs, same for gay rights.  He could be more outspoken about his idea that there are clear limits to what the federal government is allowed to force into our own lives as a federally mandate moral system.  He says that regularly, but I would like him to be more forceful when making those points.

But, lets face it, Paul has been the only real game changer candidate we’ve been offered since Perot.  And I don’t see another one on the horizon anytime soon.  Especially if both parties remain in the control of the same insiders that keep jamming these “more of the same” choices in front of us every 4 years.  Next time either party is faced with someone that will upset the status quo you can expect the shenanigans again.

As to the other…

So the Mitt is out trying to prove he has international statesman chops.  Clearly not so good working our Anglo Saxon buddies, not making friends with some parts of the middle east but hey, he has the endorsement of Poland!!  Woot!  Too bad they can’t vote for him in the election.

Why am I having flash backs of Sarah Palin?

Well, again, this can only get more interesting.  Just wait for the Republican convention and later the debates.  Get your popcorn and favorite beverages for political drinking games well stocked because this is going to go on for a while!

So later this week I hope to go over the Washington Republican position paper a plank at a time showing how broken I think it is.  We were supposed to have been able to discuss it and improve it at the convention but that got shenanigan-ed out of the convention at the very end.  What a surprise.

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