Guns and crazy -not a problem a law can fix

I wanted to say something about the tragedy in Aurora.  My hearts and thoughts go out to everyone that is affected either directly or indirectly but this crazy act.  Something like this is so unexplainable.  But then the act of someone not in their right mind by definition will never make any sense.

This even did however not only show us the worst of human disfunction it also showed us at our best.




Just a few examples of the best in us when confronted with tragedy.

So a lot of folks are going to say time for new gun laws.  I’d agree if what you are suggesting is EVERYONE in the U.S. must take gun training and be actively encouraged to have a gun with them all the time then I’m for that.  If you are going to say that we need restrict guns even more than I think you are naive.  That gun cow is out of the barn.  We are flooded in guns and even if it made sense to gather them all up (it doesn’t) you couldn’t even if you wanted to.

The fact is even without guns a nut case will find a way to act out in some crazy manner and hurt people.  Look at what this recent person had planned in his apartment.  Are we going to make gasoline and cleaning chemicals illegal too?  Fact is there are too many ways for a motivated crazy person to hurt folks when we live in a world where there are regular large gatherings of people.

Maybe we should be looking at how these folks came to be so off balance and try and reduce the stresses that seemed to cause this (at least two recent incidents seemed to be a result of very smart people that had been successful in school at one point “breaking” over pressures in school).  We need to think about the environment that takes what appeared to be fairly normal people and drives them to a place where an act like this seemed like a reasonable choice.  We are living in a world where despite the crowds and non-stop “communication” it is easy for a person to find themselves alone and without any real human connection.  Media blasts these images that everyone is living awesome celebrity lives and everyone has cool funny friends that always have our backs.  Fact is no one has anywhere near that and if are lucky to have a couple of real genuine relationships with anyone in our lives we should be grateful.  We live in many cases a paycheck away from financial doom and when the media isn’t burying us in images of people living awesome lives they are showering us in the messages of war, depression, unemployment, lying politicians, terror, crime and despair.  I don’t know how it is we aren’t all being driven crazy as a result.

Sadly, I think these pressures are going to mean we can expect more of these sorts of incidents.  Until we can change the nature of the messages we are flooded with every day, to change our own inclination to not open up to those that could use that social connection, till we stop creating zero sum game systems that define our success like the universities and the horrible employee conditions that many of use face, there are always going to be a few that can’t take the burden and they will lash out.

So guns aren’t the problem, laws can’t stop crazy, we need to find a way to recognize when someone is on a path that leads to such a mad act and help them find another path with a better outcome.

Please everyone look around in your own life and ask is there someone you know that might need some help before they find themselves in such a horrible state that lashing out like we say in Colorado makes sense.  And be sure to send your thoughts and prayers to everyone suffering through this recent tragedy.

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