Be afraid, be very afraid!

I am not shy about pointing out that the Mitt as president is a very very very bad idea.  And recently he has provided me with a perfect example.  The Mitt bases his foreign policy on the screwy bad dangerous think of Cheney!  The man that brought back American Imperialism, that lied and connived to get us into illegal wars intending the to be indefinite, likely had a hand in 9/11 all to make his best friends in the “blowing people up” business very very wealthy.  No one seems to remember that Cheney’s former employer defrauded the American Tax Payer out of billions.  This is the man the Mitt will use to create his foreign policy.  A good overview of how dangerous this will be for us can be found here.

A couple of other things.

The Mitt and the Pres are taking the campaign to the lying, hating, insulting, asshatery stage of bashing already.  The tone of the exchanges if flat out mean and often spun to the point of flat out dishonesty.  They have got it to the point the to escalate their squabbling about the vision, the jobs, the future and all the other buzz words they substitute for actual discourse about improving the lives of Americans they will have to physically assault each other! Since this certainly coming before the election is over I propose dueling with fresh fish after every debate.  Each candidate will be allowed to select fish they feel best represents their vision of the future of America under their presidency!

Another item that needs to be commented about.  The Pres recently tried to make a point that success is almost always the result of the efforts of many people.  The the individuals often associated with that success did it with the help of others.  I think this is absolutely true and I think most successful people would agree as well.  However the Pres worded that in a manner that the Mitt is using to totally misstate the point the Pres was trying to make.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and every other entrepreneur definitely deserves credit for their companies success, but these successes were because of many factors, involving many people, some obvious and direct, some less obvious and less direct.  We don’t live in a vacuum and our family, our friends, our teachers and mentors, our partners and associates create the opportunities that let us succeed.  The Pres is right about that and the Mitt trying to make it sound like these people created their companies out of thin air by themselves with superhuman will and savvy does everyone a disservice.  It was the ability of those successful individuals to recognize those opportunities and make them into the successful companies that we admire today.  It was the ability of those individuals to get the “right” other people in their efforts directed to those successes.  That is a remarkable achievement and worthy of celebration!  Especially since not everyone with similar opportunities has the same outcomes.  Many folks had similar opportunities as Bill Gates, in fact at one time I was a founder in a company in the same industry that was temporarily more successful than Microsoft.  But I’m not nearly as savvy as Bill was and we see how successful he became!  (I still think I write better code than him!)

The final thing, I don’t think Mitt should be focusing on his financial success because if you really stop and think about it he can’t claim that it makes him any more qualified to be president than Obama.  Mitt got wealthy as a result of starting out that way and working the finances of many companies with the only goal of increasing his wealth.  The Mitt is no entrepreneur, he is a financier, a very different thing.  Folks like Bill Gates got wealthy and built successful companies by making things.  We have PCs everywhere because of Bill Gates.  The Mitt made some folks and himself wealthy by taking companies, looking at them as asset pools and carving them up like a cow in a slaughterhouse because he knew he could get more for the pieces.  In almost every case nothing but the money remained.  I’m not sure that is what I look for in my next president,

Anyways, looks to be an interesting election!  Can’t wait for the fish dueling!!

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