The media, lying liars lying like a lying rug!!

So all of the media is reporting that Ron Paul lost his only chance to be on the ballot during the Republican convention because he didn’t win the majority of delegates at the caucus in Nebraska.  Sadly this is simply wrong and even many of the media outlets that are now claiming Ron Paul is out previously reported he had reached the 5 states needed.  Here is an article that explains the mess.

I guess when the president can lie, the republican front running nominee can lie, the media can lie, the republican party leaders can lie and scam, why should I be even slightly surprised.

The game is rigged and mostly we sit back and take it.  Bad America!  Bad bad America!  Start paying attention!  Ignore the talking heads and their lies!  Hold your elected officials accountable!  Its not OK if they lie to you!  And do not elect yet another lying weasel!  (sorry the weasels!  It isn’t fair to compare you to politicians!

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