A poem about the Mitt

So I listened to the speech Mitt made to the NAACP recently.  Pretty much the same speech he has been making for some time.  Not that interesting.  However some of the reporting was.  There seemed to be a pretty common speculation that Mitt went there to get booed to show some other “group” something or other that would get him more support.  Seems like an odd plan but after hearing it from so many of the talking heads over the last couple of days I’ve written this free form poem to capture the theory of the boos that will win Mitt the election.  Enjoy!

The Day that Mitt Faced the Boo!

The Mitt
A man with a vision
Of life in a house of white

Of death match cage fights
With Obama Care
With China
With taxing the rich
With sharing his secrets

Mitt bravely faced those
With many “A”s
A “N”
A “C”
A “P”
And spoke his vision

Boo they said
And it was good
Mitt needed the Boos
To show his bravery
To the people that Mitt needed
To live in that house of white
To make his vision real
To fight the Obama Care
To fight the China

To make one percent even richer
To let Mitt send even more of his money
On vacation in the land of tropical Islands
On vacation in the land of snowcapped mountains

Mitt will face many boos
And Jeers
And heckles

Be Brave Mitt
These are the noise of joy
For the secret men
Living in smoke filled rooms
That pull your strings

That promise you the house of white

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