And the Pres answers the Mitt!

Once again as a service to those folks with real lives that don’t have time for the speeches here is the reduction of the  Pres rebuttal speech to the Mitt‘s last speech.  I won’t go into the whole thing because it was even more content free than most but the key points reduced to images were:

The Pres thanks us all, even in Spanish!

The Pres likes birthdays but not singing!

The Pres is proud of the person he sent to El Salvador against the will of the evil congress but is happy she is now official!

The Pres likes getting out of Washington and likes sun and Florida!

The Pres likes every level of rubber road hitting, especially the stories of frustrations and hardships!

The Pres again agrees with the Mitt about America‘s future in every corner of the globe no matter what you look like if you make it by trying!

The Pres like enriched diversity that are hungry striving dreaming risk taking hard workers that never take a hand out! And the Latinos are even more!

All the Pres wants is rewarding with homes and big kids that dream of not going bankrupt!

The Pres ran because the dream was slipping and even more for Latinos!

The Pres asked if there is more work and that question is what to decide right now!

The Pres wants us to believe in the vision of passing on with Pell grants for Latinos and gateways!

The Pres has told the toughest neighborhoods have been told to focus!

The Pres has cut Latino‘s taxes 18 times so they won’t go broke getting sick!

The Pres says its wrong that insurance companies are jacking!

The Pres has passed care because it was the right thing to do three times!

The Pres has more to do getting good teachers cheaper and invest in high tech energy manufacturing and show love to our runways!

The Pres likes eager construction workers!

The Pres says the congress needs to give home owners three thousand dollars!

The Pres has every issue of concern and has laid out a table that is held back by a stalemate of views!

The Pres says the republicans and the ticket guys want to give companies more power and cut taxes for rich people and making the middle class pay while stopping research.

The Pres thinks they are wrong about the top and he believes ladders for the middle is best for thriving!  He says we need a better plan and a tax code that asks the wealthy to pay!

The Pres also needs a nation of immigrants with dynamism!

The Pres knows our biggest strength is to attract and that keeps us young and energized!

The Pres says the rules tell too many people they cant and the Pres has the technology of the unlikely trio of champions!

The Pres says the table has made a patchwork of harm that makes no sense!

The Pres will not give up fighting in the face wherever he can without help and will step on the shadow!

The Pres says the republicans of congress blocked the dreams even though nothing changed but the politics and the Pres refused to look young people in the eye while they pledge allegiance!

The Pres does not care about paper and wants to lift the shadow because it was the right thing to do even though it falls short but focuses justice!

The Pres does not want to argue the wrong way for the wrong way!  The Pres has left his door open for three years so you can find him!  The Pres wants to work with any reformer!

The Pres asked another question then answered himself!

The Pres say the Mitt keeps his promise and that the Mitt promises are tragic!

The Pred want fair and balanced issues that don’t exploit even though Washington is way behind music teachers with students in shadows!

The Pres wants us to be the shoulder that moves us to justice with a million heroes that keep quiet!

Latinos and African American’s do not have monoliths!

The Pres ran because of binding and not driving apart!

The Pres shares in a belief of a promise of drawing people to drive and climb while bravely risk taking and being who we are and he remembers this everything he walks into the oval office, through his open door he knows his story isn’t even possible and it drives him to widen the circle for generations to come!

The Pres sees all young people as his daughters, nieces and nephews (sorry boys!).

The Pres fights hard for a long time because of the no you can’t and no you shouldn’t s!

The Pres will “Yes we Can” in Spanish!

Well, there you go!  We see a couple of emerging patterns.  Mitt is only for the rich and will gut the middle class.  The president again used the middle class/ladders imagery and referred to this election as a choice between two different visions for America.  Expect those themes to remain as this goes forward.

This speech was not as well delivered as past speeches and even had some stumbles.  It was full of the “how many Hispanic names can I say with correct pronunciation to pander to the crowds” stuff every candidate seems to love to roll around in.  The Pres has several comments about how much harder Hispanics have it and how much more they work when compared to other immigrant groups which might be a little offensive to someone in one of the other groups and the comment about all the new Pell grants for Latinos might be a issue for folks that view the recent change in immigration policies hurting U.S. citizens that are facing the same issues in affording schools.

So the ball is now over the net and in the Mitt’s court.  I need to find a way to capture these speeches in other forms so I’m considering turning them into pop songs or modern poetry!  Stay tuned!


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