For folks that have lives and didn’t listen to Romney in Orlando

The Mitt spoke recently in Orlando and for everyone that didn’t have 15 minutes to waste here is what you missed (or didn’t! 🙂 )

Mitt and America likes diversity especially the larger parts of diversity that unites us,  Mitt is also still focused on paths, each of which is different.

Mitt feels all paths are united by an overwhelming passion for the United States.  We and god believe in America.  Mitt feels our concerned faith in America unites us in peril!  The peril is what make Mitt run!

Mitt thinks 4 years ago America did something we Americans like to do by giving a new stranger a chance to lead even though he had no record but had promises!  We didn’t know what kind of president the stranger would be but we were in crisis (seems like the Mitt didn’t like the Busch!) but we wished him well and hoped!

Mitt says three and a half years later the stranger has lost 23 million Americans their jobs!  The stranger made us slower and hit Hispanics harder that the other job loosers!  The Mitt shows that he was awake during math and points out 11 is larger than 8!  This is a failure of inheriting!

The stranger pursued slowness and broke promises!  The stranger is no Ronald Reagan who was 3 times truer!  Reagan would be trillions better!

The stranger will tell us we should vote for him again because he could have made it even worse and we owe him for not doing that!

The Mitt can make us grow the middle class by leading the world in American greatness and bright torches of liberty!

Mitt will produce reliable energy for resurgence.  The Mitt will rein in and balance!

The Mitt will get rid of the stranger’s care because the care hates jobs.

Mitt says a lot of other stuff about hiring and growing and trading and still hates China who cheats!

Mitt will let every parent make their kids go to schools!  The Mitt says the stranger has not reformed and did nothing but stop some gaps.

Mitt says the stranger loves clunkers!

The Mitt will supersede for the long term using priorities!

The Mitt will promise and promises to keep the promises he promised!

The Mitt will make high tech borders for families.  The Mitt hates broken nightmare red tape and will fight with common sense and green cards.

The Mitt wants immigrants with degrees to start our new business and will use a stapler and more green cards to make that happen!

The Mitt stands for legal paths!  Mitt wants legal to be more attractive than not legal!

So there you go, everything he said boiled down to its essence.  It’s the first time I’ve heard the “we gave a stranger a chance” thing but the rest was a variation of what he’s said before.

Summary, I don’t think Mitt won over anyone.  The speech felt stiff and never seemed to connect in a big way.  It goes to why I think, even though Obama is at record lows in his approval Mitt is unlikely to win this election.  There are lots of ways to make a case we could do better than Obama but I’ve yet to be convinced Mitt is the guy to make it any better that what we have now.

Still can’t wait for the debates!!

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