Transparency – I guess that didn’t work out

The Pres was elected by promising a lot of stuff (and even tricked me into believing a lot of it, getting my vote in the process).  One promise I hoped would be delivered was when he declared his administration would become “the most open and transparent in history.”  Today he once again showed he was a lying liar when he made that promise by using “executive privilege” to block the release of documents related to the incredibly bad idea that we now know as “Fast and Furious“.  I of course speak of the the ATF’s horrible idea of basically getting AK-47s and other weapons into the hands or Mexican drug lords, not the Vin Diesel movie which while not a brilliant idea didn’t result in anyone getting shot and killed (as far as I know).

So the president telling congress to get stuffed sounds like something we should see happen more often but not when it amounts to covering up a major act of horrible negligence and poor judgement on the part of our leadership.  The folks we elect and the folks those folks appoint should be held to highest standards in an open and public manner.  And when they screw up something this badly we need to know who did what so we can know who needs to be tossed out the airlock!  Because clearly some folks in high places were either too lazy to be paying attention or are insanely bad and making decisions.  Either way, they need to be sent packing.

So I personally find it distressing that the Pres who is now making all manner of new promises to get a chance to have four more years to fail again shows us not to believe anything he’ll say to get our vote.

This is just another example of the failure of the president to deliver on the promise of transperancy.  See this link for a better sample of his failures.  The Pres and transparency

The presidential election this year would be a no brainer except the other guy seems to have questionable “brain” issues as well.  At this point I think I’d prefer a national lottery to pick the president!

“Tonight major news outlet are reporting the winning ticket for Pres Race 2012 was purchased at a Quickee Mart in Ohio. At this point no one has come forward with the ticket but they will have till December 1st to redeem the ticket for the presidency or another one will be drawn”.



“Today five coworkers at an Ohio lumber yard revealed they had pooled together and purchased the winning presidential election ticket and plan to auction it on Ebay.  Our reporting staff have located what they believe to be the ticket on Ebay with a minimum purchase price of 7 billion.  At the time of this report the bidding seems furious with the current high bid at 1.3 trillion from a buyer in China…..”

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