The political puppet show begins for real!

So today we had back to back speeches from the Mitt and the Pres.  So for folks with actual lives I’ll TL/DR them for you  in a form that catches what was actually said.. 🙂

The Mitt…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Obama is bad and hates you all!  The hates the economy and spends like a drunken sailor!  America is good and I, the Mitt can make it gooder!!  Veterans are good, even drunken sailors I expect!  Kens and Daves will tell you stuff that make it feel better if you elected the Mitt!  Work is good and the Mitt will get you jobs!  The people will tell you that!  Summary, stuff is worse and getting worser!! Elect the Mitt and I will fix it all because I know regulations and banks are evil!  (except the banks that are my biggest donors which I won’t mention…)

The Obama hates coal and energy and if you elect the Mitt I can promise you gas!! (I actually believe that but not in the way the Mitt means it! 🙂 )  The Mitt will build the pipeline himself!!!

The Mitt loves trade, but not China!!  China, look out!  The Mitt has the tariff bat heading your way!!  Mitt thinks the Obama did a bad job painting his house and wants to hire someone else!

The Mitt loves the jobs, once again, twice even!!

The Mitt is convinced that America is surge worthy if we change our course and the Mitt wants the wheel!  Mitt hates the overhang!  Mitt does not care for Obama Care!  Mitt does not like Greece or cliffs!

Mitt knows that if we put love of America, and some other stuff in a blender with policies we get the smoothie of the future!

Mitt loves dreamers and high wages, and San Diego veterans!  Mitt has noticed that folks that fought in WWII are getting older, which is good that he seems to see how time works!  Mitt know the path to Europe is calamity!!  (OK, lets not include Germany which seems to be doing better than us!)  Mitt has a map to a path that is not calamity!!!  So elect the Mitt!

The Pres……………………………………………………………………………………………….

Ohio has five months to twist and turn!   Up and down with gaps and controversies!

Its a good time to be in the press!  The Pres plans many more gaffs to keep the press employed!

he Pres agrees with the Mitt that this election is about the economy!  Growth debt and jobs are the point and they define time!!  Well our time and we will make or break the middle class with enormous impact!

The Pres has been wrestling for a long time and is held back by stalemates!  The Pres is giving us the chance to break the holding back thing!

The Pres also agrees this is about paths and debating those paths with understandings!  The Pres feels this is because the bargain has eroded what with the gas prices, the tuition costs and what not!

The Pres felt wars should not be charged on a credit card! (but what about the bonus points!  Oh, the wealthiest got to cash in the points!)

The Pres saw no trickling!

The Pres likes Clinton, presidents after that, not so much.

The Pres does not like that people were tricked into buying homes!  The Pres does not like houses of cards or the sneaky banks (except the ones that donate to the Pres!).

The Pres does not like that normal folk had to bail out the sneaky banks (except the ones that donate to the Pres!)

The Pres has been growing stuff for over three years!  Or maybe two years?  500,000/27 = new jobs per month and now the US auto industry is on top of the world!  Well, Chrysler is now Italian and Chevy, we don’t talk about Chevy…  But Ford, who we helped the least is doing pretty fine!

The Pres knows we have more work to be faster!!  And the Pres knows we have visions and questions!

The Pres thinks the Mitt is lost in the past decade with his cutting and stripping!  The Pres says that the Mitt has dumb stuff on his web site and the Mitt hates the workers and loves tax cuts!

The Pres likes studies that don’t like what the Mitt thinks!  The Pres says the Mitt hates medical research and clean energy, also teaching kids stuff but loves Alzheimers!  The Pres says the Mitt hates health care, children and old people!  The Pres says the Mitt will cut taxes by making you pay more in taxes and you can believe the Pres because these are “facts”!

Just as the Mitt claimed some folks should vote for the Pres the Pres says some folks should vote for the Mitt, both agree people that decide to do that are “wrong approachers”!

The Pres says that he hasn’t seen any analysts that like the Mitt!  The Mitt would be a “short term harmer”!  The Mitt would not be a grower!  The Pres says we can’t afford the Mitt (to be fair, the Mitt says we can’t afford the Pres!)

The Pres loves growing the middle class as our North Star with ladders!  The Pres will not win a race to the bottom!  The Pres is racing for the top with tech and industry!  A top with fair shares!  The Pres sent a vision to the congress before with sharing and will pursue the vision again with belief in doing these things and getting more!

The Pres cuts taxes and likes less new regulations but loves reforming!  The Pres likes the 21st century with leanness and responsiveness!

The Pres does not believe the government is the answer and we should help ourselves and likes the Lincoln!   The Pres like the building and the together!  The together a lot!

The Pres does not like past presidents getting credit for what they did even though those things were good!

The Pres likes sharing!  The Pres sees a vision the likes government but markets not so much!  The Pres likes education and has a plan with more money and more other stuff with an army of new teachers to make us a magnet!

The Pres likes smart immigrants and clean energy!  The Pres likes booming natural gas and nuclear energy, (but not booming nuclear!) and wind and cleanness!   The Pres will double down and not walk away!

The Pres promises the most promising researchers!  The Pres likes the Google!  The Pres is not a commitment reverser!!

The Pres is not a business saddle-er but a builder!  The Pres will not boondoggle to nowhere!  The Pres is an honest balanced responsible fiscaller!

The Pres is a real and not pretend doer!  The Pres wants our tax code to ask for more because Clinton did once and many are willing!  The Pres likes new runways and the elderly, sick active job seekers!

The Pres says the Mitt hates the vision and won’t give up his nickles!  The Pres says Mitt is a gridlocker and only we can break that!  The Pres likes we the people and wants our say!  The Pres will spend tons of money and the Mitt will spend a billion dollars to call out the Pres with scary voices!  The Pres says scary voices can’t create jobs and the Pres says we stugglers deserve better!

The Pres has a plan with taxes that build jobs with fair shots and sharing!  The Pres wants to try it again!

The Pres wants you to vote for anyone else with views that make with the sharing and remember history lessons!

The Pres hears from homeless unemployed people a lot and those voices fill his head!  The Pres fears dashed hopes and has some stubborn voices in his head that like challenges.  The Pres wants us to remind the world with pitching and pulling as a mandate!

So what did I really think about the speeches?  I hope you can tell from my transcript, they seemed pretty content free.  I tried to pick up the key images and buzzwords we can expect to dominate the next months up to our eventual escape from this horror in November.

I’d say Obama is a much more effective speaker and certainly roused the crowd.  Romney I think is going to find he needs more substance for his current lead to last.

Overall, exactly what I expected.  Zero content, a lot of work shaping an image of the candidates without committing to anything of substance.  Can’t wait for the debates!!

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