Equal pay for women should be a no brainer!

The coward republican masses again show their nature. No support for the paycheck fairness act.  Fine, you want your women barefoot and in the kitchen, then I call for all republican women in elected office to accept a %15 pay reduction.  Seems only fair!  I mean you can’t possible be worth as much as the men in elected office?

I am simply amazed that any women in elected office could sit on the sidelines and pretend we are back in the 50’s.  How could an elected woman not speak out in support for this bill?  If they object to some detail or aspect of the bill then at least come out publicly and declare your support for the concept and explain why you can’t support the bill in its current form.

So in the republican leaderships eyes its equal rights for everyone (that we think deserves them)!

Wow, can rolling back the right for women to vote be far behind!!??

Republican leadership, you are making the party look like every republican stereotype we’ve ever heard used to describe us.  Stop it and start showing us you acknowledge we are living in the 21st century where everyone in America has equal rights and opportunities!

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