boat building madness!

So I just finished the very crude plans for my entry into an event that is part of the Wooden Boat Festival that is held in Seattle every year over 4th of July weekend.  You have one day to build a boat as quickly and cheaply as possible.  You then race your boat on a three leg course.  In leg has to be human powered, the second must be under sail and the last can be any combination.  You also get points for crown reaction and other factors.  My best friend Cathy is comming up from Phoenix to be the other half of my team.  We are both pilots so an airplane theme seemed to be a natural.  Thus the somewhat airplane looking design I came up with, featuring "wing sails"! 🙂  We are going to toss it together out of mostly 1 x 2 pine and then cover it with thin cheap door skin plywood.  I have NO idea how this will work out but I am sure Cathy and I will be crowd pleasers!

Oh yeah, be sure to check the boat design in my photo section!

Blogs away for now!


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