Some idea of things that interest me

So these days I’m fascinated with unusual clocks and electronic kinetic scuplture.  For the first set of clocks I’m working on I’m using old electronic display technologies.  Things like old meters and nixie tubes.  I also have some other crazy ideas for clocks, for example a clock that tells time by color or draws the time on an etchasketch.  I also have some other wacky things I’m working on.  I just moved onto a floating home and I want to make a synchronized "dancing water" fountain that I can float of of my deck.  Anyone know how to make a laminar flow water nozzle?

So earlier this year I had my first work displayed.  It was a piece using discarded PC components.  It had a display that used icons to get you to record several clips of voice or sound and then it turned the clips into music.  When I get a chance I’ll write up a detailed description of how it worked.  Overall it was very well recieved!  Here is a link to the show it was first exhibited in.

Well, blogs away for now,




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